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Advancements ABA is led by Sheila Sekasi, BCBA, committed to providing high standard, educational services, based on the science of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), to a range of populations including those on the Autism Spectrum.

Services are offered in the UK providing support to families, schools and other professionals, creating a safe and happy environment for all learners.

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“There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do”
- Dr. Temple Grandin

ABA is not all table work; a child learns in the real world too!

ABA is used to quit smoking, help personality disorders, air those with OCD and counsel relationships. It is also used in the workplace, and with athletes.

Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that ABA is the most effective method to teach children and adolescents with autism and other developmental disabilities, and neurological problems.

60% of teachers in England do not feel they have had adequate training to teach children with autism.
35% of teachers think it has become harder to access specialist support for children with autism.

Advancements ABA provide a complete range of services

  • ABA & VB Consultancy
  • Social Skills Development
  • Challenging Behaviour Analysis
  • Functional Behaviour Assessments
  • Differentiated Curriculum Development
  • Caregiver & Staff Training

What our clients say

When your child is diagnosed with a developmental disorder, your life alters forever in a way that you could not have foreseen. It is not clear how things will improve. We made it our mission to seek out and identify the most effective therapy for our child and try and find knowledgeable and effective practitioners. We are proud to say that Shelia was an integral part of that team and provided a framework and a plan to enable our son to reach his potential. We first met Sheila in 2013 when our son was four years old. Our son is diagnosed with autism & sensory processing disorder. At the time, our son was non verbal, not toilet trained (despite numerous attempts) and had a range of behavioural & sensory difficulties. Day to day life was very challenging & we were in desperate need of help.

Sheila assessed our son and helped to plan, prepare, devise targets and decide upon the most appropriate strategies. She provided training and mentoring to us and our ABA therapists. She was always on hand to manage the ever-changing programme effectively. Sheila paired with our son very quickly and has worked with him in both our home and his school setting. Shelia has the ability to mix a natural and intuitive knowledge of the most appropriate way to tackle behavioural issues, combined with a strong foundation of academic understanding of the behavioural science that underpins the effectiveness of a well-run ABA-program.

Sheila has successfully supported our son in a wide range of key areas including social skills, verbal skills, play skills, curriculum support, overcoming anxieties and self-care skills. Shelia has also provided support in school settings, including in the classroom, assemblies, the lunch hall, the playground, PE and school trips.

Her excellent communication skills and writing very comprehensive training and observation notes helped to get right to the heart of the issue. Sheila is very reliable, committed, motivated and trustworthy. She is a diligent problem solver & makes herself readily available when issues arise. She uses her initiative and has a great ability to be dynamic and think on her feet. She is energetic and enthusiastic with a flexible approach and has a great, positive, encouraging outlook. Sheila is both professional and compassionate. We are grateful to Sheila for her understanding and emotional support through challenging times. It is wonderful to share the joy of firsts and successes with her. Our son has made wonderful progress in all areas. We honestly feel he would not have made such progress without Sheila.

Solicited - Mr & Mrs Niznik

Thanks for all your help and support during this year, I really do feel that ‘child’s’ progress this year has been accelerated and I’ve never really seen this much progress in such a short time, it’s as if his little personality has finally had the tools and courage to come out.

It’s been an interesting year and I think Sheila you have really made a massive impact on his learning and development, and I cannot thank you enough for your effort and ability to see ‘child’s’ needs and implement the right targets and the right time, it all has paid off and he’s definitely on a good path to learn.

Thank you again and I love working with you – I think your vision of what a child needs to progress, coupled with your knowledge makes you a wonderful consultant.

Unsolicited - Parent of child on ABA Programme

You have been amazing with ‘child’ and subsequently he has developed exceedingly well, long may that continue. Your hard work is testament to where we are as a family with ‘child’. Thank you!

Unsolicited - Parent of child on ABA Programme

Since the instigation of an LA funded ABA programme in September/October there has been very significant improvement in Child's behaviour as school staff have been systematically following and implementing the consultant's advice. Child is much more compliant with staff requests and is engaged much more frequently in learning tasks and episodes of greatly challenging behaviour have declined markedly.

Unsolicited - SENCo of mainstream primary school